Kempinski Sunday Brunch

A Decadent Epicurean Experience

Opening Hours: Sunday 12:00 - 15:00
15 Stamford by Alvin Leung

Six-Course Menu

Course 1: Pass Around Snacks (Unlimited servings; weekly change)

Get the appetite warmed up with small snacks that are nonetheless big on satisfaction like foie gras, lightly seared and served with Asian spiced banana and dark rum raisin; Double-boiled chicken broth that blooms with the natural sweetness of carrots, celery and conpoy floss; fried baby squid served with a tantalising red curry emulsion and mango relish; braised Black Angus beef brisket complete with Chinese herbs and La Ratte potato chips; and tuna akami topped with sago, cucumber, shallot and keta roe.

Course 2: Seafood on Ice (One platter per table for sharing)

The fresh and delicate set the pace with the first course, with the sweetest treasures of the sea like poached Maine lobster, freshly shucked seasonal oysters, chilled Black Tiger prawns, steamed Australian blue mussels and Himalayan salt-cured King salmon. Enjoy them on their own for natural freshness, or pair them with condiments like ketchup shallot vinaigrette, Southern Thai assam vinaigrette or yuzu ponzu sauce for different profiles and dimensions.

Course 3: Charcuterie Board and Salad (One platter per table for sharing)

Cured delights take things up a notch with the charcuterie board featuring items like Jamon Iberico de Bellota ham, beef bresaola, Iberian chorizo and varying salamis, served with sides of marinated taggiasca olives, roasted shallots and sourdough bread. Balance out the brine with some greens in the form of a Burratina salad that brings freshness with citrus fruits, avocado and puffed rice tossed in a green lime emulsion.

Course 4: Large Plates (Choice of 1 plate per person)

You don’t have to share everything – come the fourth course, choose a main that’s entirely your own to relish. Options include Chilean sea bass served with a bonito curd, konbu and miso glaze; Black Angus beef rib eye with charred broccoletti and Sarawak black pepper sauce; 15 Stamford laksa made indulgent with Tiger prawns, shrimp floss and smoked hen’s egg; hearty chicken rice served with rotisserie free-range chicken, yellow ginger glutinous rice, coconut and pickled cucumber; or bone-in lamb char siew accompanied with roasted broccolini and a Korean char siew glaze.

Course 5: Dessert (Unlimited servings)

The sweet end brings nibbles for sharing once more with grilled honey pineapple, Osmanthus goji jelly and Yuzu tart for Oriental flavours. Alternatively, the Valrhona black forest butter cake and a tropical mousse will satiate any preference for something richer and creamier, while the Gula Melaka chendol curd and toasted ice cream will bring palates back home to the local front.

Course 6: Cheese Wagon (Unlimited servings)

Dessert isn’t the end of it – dig into cheeses of all types and makes it like the last course where your options range from Grana Padano, comet, Mimolette and Scamorza to Gruyere, Pecorino, Camembert, Chevre long, Brie de Meaux and more. Mix, match and pair them with accompaniments like muscatels, dried fruits, chutneys and lavash for flavour profiles to duly remember.


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