Meet our chefs
Justin Yeo

Baking up the freshest breads at Berthold Delikatessen is Chief Baker Justin Yeo, who has devoted his life and hands to the craft of baking for more than 20 years. Having baked for neighbourhood cake shops to industrial manufacturers as well as luxury hotels, Baker Justin knows the exact combination of art and science required to bring to the table a variety of pastries and baked goods from breads and cakes to pies and tarts galore.

His time at Sweet Bakery instilled in him a love for local and seasonal ingredients while his stint at Gin Thye Cake Maker exposed him to producing baked goods with consistent quality in bulk. His final stint at Marina Bay Sands refined his craft in creating daily breads and cakes of high standards with finesse. He brings the combination of all the above to Berthold Delikatessen as the Chief Baker of the German café and eatery.